Götheborgs Cigar Society is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote cigar culture in Gothenburg. We want to link individuals with cigar interests in a way that encourages all parties. We arange many pleasant events and meetings with various themes.

Götheborgs Cigar Society was formed on 1 June 2010 by a few members of the Casa del Habanos cigar club that wished that it would happen more around the cigar in Gothenburg and the idea of ​​a Cigar Festival in town was born. In August 2010 we held the first Cigar festival on a small scale in the middle of the Avenue. Cigar Festival is now a standard event held each year during the Gothenburg Culture Festival.

Why become a member Götheborgs Cigar Society?
Anyone with a genuine cigar interest is welcome to apply for membership in the society, whether you are working with cigars or not.

If you would like to contact Götheborgs Cigar Society please use send email to: info@gotheborgscigarrsallskap.se

Götheborgs Cigarrsällskap
Bankgiro: 492-9717